Music makes us wonder, dream and awaken a variety of emotions in us. The voice as the "most human" of all instruments achieves all this in the various forms of singing. The Accademia Belcanto has set itself the goal of helping young singers to improve their skills and thus exploit the potential of their "instrument".


I am proud that the Association and the Accademia- Belcanto Festwochen have been able to give a stage to so many up-and-coming voices over the last five years and that our events have gained great popularity. We have developed an international reputation that has brought us far beyond the borders of our country.


The competition and its high-caliber jury, as well as the great master classes, are gaining recognition not only in Europe but also beyond, attracting participants from all over the world.


Music can connect people across borders. In this spirit, I wish all the participants a lot of success and a good time in the academy.

Natela Nicoli

President and artistic director

BELCANTO, the beautiful music has tradition in Austria. Since ancient times, Styria has also been an artistic and cultural country. Quite in the tradition of Hanns Koren, who has always defined home as a depth, never as a narrowness, the support and promotion of all sorts of music and singing is also an order for the responsibility bearers.


The ACCADEMIA BELCANTO promotes and supports young, talented, Austrian and international singers, while stars and renowned opera singing pedagogues not only pass on their knowledge to the participants but also perform with them during the numerous concerts during the Belcanto Festwochen together on the stage. The completion of this training makes the singers even more secure in their performances on the great stages of this world. Music connects people and so the ACCADEMIA BELCANTO is also a significant contribution to the understanding of cultures and ethnic groups.


I would like to thank the organizers, the well-known mezzosopian Natela Nicoli, who is the President of the Accademia and the artistic director of this institution. I would like to wish the participants an unforgettable time in the "green heart of Austria" and a lot of success on their journey.

Hermann Schützenhöfer

Governor of Styria