Accademia Belcanto 2018

June 24 Sunday 6 pm Opening Concerts "Accademia Belcanto Sommer"
Große Opern und Operettengala
Volkshaus Frohnleiten
The "Schweizerorchester Frohnleiten” and the singers of the Accademia Belcanto enchant you with the most famous melodies from opera and operetta
July 01
KUSS- Hall Seiersberg-Pirka
August 26 Sunday 6 pm Coachingweek – Intensiv Masterclasses with i.e. Eteri Lamoris Johann-Josef-Fux
Introduction and welcome cocktail at the Conservatory for participants
August 27 to September 1 10 am to
6 pm
Participants are optimally prepared for the competition by the international star pedagogues ETERI LAMORIS, NATELA NICOLI and RONALD PRIES. Also language coaching with GINA MATTIELLO and correpetition with SVETLANA SOKOLOVA, the pianist of the competition.
September 2 Sunday 10 am Registration to competition, introduction
11 am Sunday matinee "Coachingweek"
Final concert of the best students in the Fux-Saal
  III. International Voice Competition Accademia Belcanto 2018
under the direction of Natela Nicoli
  Winning prizes and scholarships worth € 16.000,- as well as concerts and opera roles in Sao Paolo - International jury of directors of festivals and opera houses, artists and agents (including Angelika Kirchschlager, Eteri Lamoris, Giacomo Aragall, Natela Nicoli, Paulo Abrao Esper, CA Klug, Marius Adam)
3 pm Start 1st Round Competition
September 3 Monday   continuation 1st Round Competition
September 4 Tuesday   Internal masterclass of Angelika Kirchschlager
4 pm to
6.30 pm
Public masterclass of Natela Nicoli
The president and artistic director of the Accademia Belcanto NATELA NICOLI gives an insight into her lessons in the Fux Hall
7 pm Public semifinals of competition
The best participants of the first round sing in front of the audience in the Fux-Saal for their entry into the final
September 5 Wednesday   Internal masterclasses of Angelika Kirchschlager and Giacomo Aragall
September 6
Palais Meran
4 pm to 5.30 pm Public masterclass of Giacomo Aragall
The star tenor gives an insight into his lessons
5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Public masterclass of Angelika Kirchschlager
The Kammersängerin gives the audience insight into their lessons
7 pm Public finals of the competition
The best contestants will compete for the highly priced prizes of the international competition. At the end solemn award
September 7
  Internal masterclass of Giacomo Aragall JJF-Conservatory
7 pm Prize Winners Concert
Selected finalists and the prize-winners sing their most beautiful arias from the opera world
September 8
7 pm Charity concert Accademia Belcanto Eggenberg Palace
Co-organizers Land Steiermark - award winners and international starpedagogues (i.e. Eteri Lamoris and Giacomo Aragall) sing together in the historic planet hall for a charitable purpose. Interview and honor for Christa Ludwig, moderated by Günther Ziesel
September 9
2 pm to
5.30 pm
Public masterclass of Christa Ludwig JJF-Conservatory
The opera legend KS Christa Ludwig shares her decades of stage experience in an exclusive masterclass. Followed by an artist talk, led by Günther Ziesel.

Accademia Belcanto public events 2018

Charity concert at Planet hall of Eggenberg Palace 2016
Charity concert at Planet hall of Eggenberg Palace 2016

The Accademia Belcanto reserves the right to make changes to the organization and its organizational details.